Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What Wednesday: Olympic Trials Edition

Some thoughts on the trials:

It's been a while since a little So What Wednesday...been a little busy! Just shrugging my shoulders and saying..

SO WHAT if...
  • I really L-O-V-E doing the "wave" at sporting events, much to the dismay of BBH.

  • I was so preoccupied that i didn't even know that Katie left Tom.

AND I was so nervous that:

-the lady (and my new BFF) sitting next to me had to fan me with her program.

-I could hear my heart beating in my ears.

-I only kept my eyes open about 1/2 if the big races..(an improvement for me, actually)

-I should've invested in some Depends.

Thanks for your support, everyone.  (ha, not a "Depends" joke!)
Looking back, although stressful, it was a great experience. 


1 comment:

jeannie said...

love and miss your so what wednesdays and make up my own all week long. I am glad you got through the whole IS all about you! tee hee. oxox

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