Friday, February 25, 2011

Wish Him Luck

If Kris knew I was writing this she would not approve but I don't care...I am asking for all our readers to send some good "joo joo", karma, luck, prayers, (you get the gist) to her and her son who is competing in the Illinois High School State Swimming Finals today and tomorrow.
He swims the relay, 50 free and 100 breast and he is awesome. He has worked so hard and is the most competitive kid I know (I am not kidding he takes an Easter egg hunt to sudden death)
Kris and Kevin at Jr. Nationals
Kevin Swimming with the Big Dogs
He won State as a Sophmore, hoping for a repeat:)
He is a senior this year and headed to college on a swimming scholarship in the Fall so this will be their last trip to the craziness that is "State" and I wish I could be there SO BAD...but I am watching on my computer and cheering as loud as I can.
We love you Kev, are proud of you and hope everyone will put some
luck, prayers, joo joo in his back pocket...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Imaginary House: Herringbone

We haven't visited our imaginary house in awhile...we miss it and it's herringbone wood floors:)
These are in a house that Jennifer Aniston is thinking of buying in NYC...
These images from Decorpad gave us more inspiration...
Look at this bathroom floor...omg
Love the subway tile backsplash in the herringbone pattern...
these images from one of our favorites Urban Grace show how
simple white subway tile is transformed with this pattern
put some herringbone in your back pocket...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something Personal

As we have stated before we love some good monogramming and think a personalized gift is always fun to give and even more fun to get!
We saw this iphone cover at Dani Notes on Etsy and wanted one...bad.
love these gift stickers, perfect for kids and their endless stream of birthday parties 
(my friend Lori has the cutest ones from her daughter that say.Happy Birthday from your friend, Allie )
or who doesn't love some cute stationary
or these adorable plates, both fun baby gifts
there is another go-to personalized gift maven and her name is Dabney Lee at Home,
 these are some of her unique creations that come in a million custom patterns and colors
or some cuties from Clairebella
a cutting board or luggage tags that are personal, reasonable, and useful all at the same time!
make it fun, make it personal and put some great gift ideas
(to give and get) in your back pocket...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We heart you

Wishing you and all of your loved ones a Happy Valentine's Day.  We heart our readers..
images via ItsMaryRuffle,  Cookie, Annika Vannersus, design sponge.
Put  some V-day love in your back pocket...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little house on the Prairie...ugh.

Jen and her second grade daughter, Lauren, are busy reading Little House on the Prairie.  Isn't that timely considering the e-mail I recently received from POTTERY BARN.  I see "Clearance" in the near future...
Now at least Lauren has a visual when she reads
"Ma and Pa got into the wagonbed and tucked themselves under the old quilt.."
I mean, really? We thought they were coming around!
Put a plan to update your bedding (at somewhere other than Pottery Barn) in your back pocket...  

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Birthday Luau

My daughter celebrated her sixth birthday this weekend and we decided to have a "Winter Luau" since the weather in Phoenix this time of year is usually beautiful (my other kids have summer birthdays so outdoor parties are usually a bust:) Thank the Lord that the sun was shining and the kids had a blast!
I lucked out and found some hibiscus print table runners for $6 at Dillards
We had made tissue paper flowers for centerpieces
each girl got to chose a grass skirt and a lei as they arrived,
 and then they made lei bracelets or anklets as a craft (here is the birthday girl)
I also got some adorable printables from Love the Day on Etsy
sorry for the lame pictures, I was too busy to take good pics so these don't do them justice but here are more pics of the printables taken from Love the Day Blog
We had a pinata (that held like 5 pieces of candy so I had to have 2 pinatas to prevent a revolt)
we also played the limbo, pass the coconut (think hot potato) and learned the hula from a DVD...
It was so fun and easy, there are a HUGE selection of Luau items
from both party stores and Oriental Trading.
Put a birthday luau in your back pocket...
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