Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something Personal

As we have stated before we love some good monogramming and think a personalized gift is always fun to give and even more fun to get!
We saw this iphone cover at Dani Notes on Etsy and wanted one...bad.
love these gift stickers, perfect for kids and their endless stream of birthday parties 
(my friend Lori has the cutest ones from her daughter that say.Happy Birthday from your friend, Allie )
or who doesn't love some cute stationary
or these adorable plates, both fun baby gifts
there is another go-to personalized gift maven and her name is Dabney Lee at Home,
 these are some of her unique creations that come in a million custom patterns and colors
or some cuties from Clairebella
a cutting board or luggage tags that are personal, reasonable, and useful all at the same time!
make it fun, make it personal and put some great gift ideas
(to give and get) in your back pocket...

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