Monday, July 30, 2012

Solution to Shoe Storage

School starts next week (picture me doing the butter churn happy dance as I say this to you) and for me that means getting organized for smooth start to the year. I had to tackle the shoe problem. The kids shoes are kept by the back door in the makeshift mud room in this...
but unfortunately there is this...
serious overflow which is a hazard when you walk in the door
 I searched for some ideas and found this,
I thought this would be perfect and I even had the buckets!
They were pink playroom cast offs and would have looked like this...
Not going to work, so I spray painted them green...
added these awesome labels that are a free printable from Better Homes and Gardens 
(which is where the inspiration picture is from)
and put them in id badge holders (easier than laminating) and tied them onto the buckets

this is how it turned out...

put some solutions to shoe storage in your back pocket...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wooden Monograms

Since we are secretly preppy, here is a great source for ready-to-paint wooden monograms.  They come in a variety of sizes and can go just about anywhere.  I'm thinking above my daughter's bed...
Check them out on Southern Nest on Etsy.  
Photos from Charming Little Nest, the seller's bolg....                                                        

Holly Mathis interiors

Put a new wooden monogram in your back pocket.                   

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bleach Tees

Feeling crafty?  Need something to do with the kids over summer vacation? How about making cute, fun, original bleach-out tees. 
A good tutorial is available at Design Mom.

You can also use the handy bleach pen. Don't you love the ol' bleach pen?

Check out this tutorial from  Janean at "How I Keep Sane."

Hint: make sure your lines are thin, as the bleach spreads in the wash and can end up like this onsie on the bottom.!!!

Super important tip!  Thanks Janean!

The possibilities are endless. Check out these...

Give it a shot...if your like me, you might need some entertaining crafts to entertain the neighborhood...
Get out some old tees and put some old fashioned bleach in your back pocket.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Time For An Update: Playroom

Jen is re-doing her playroom. (i forgot, we don't like the word "re-do" because it tends to mean dollar sign to our husbands.)  So, she is actually updating it. 
She felt like it was looking a little tired and really wanted to get rid of the pink... The girls are getting older and this little guy is not a fan of all these girl colors.

Playroom Before...

Stay tuned for the progress....
Hint:  She's starting with this purchase.
40% off at Rugs USA.  (it's navy)
 Put a playroom "update" in your back pocket.


Friday, July 20, 2012

World Market: Antelope Pillow

Well, that's what they're calling it...close enough. You may remember this post HERE where I talked about my obsession with antelope print.  Well, still can't afford a rug but I can score a few pillows.  

Every fall I bring back my animal print.  My old faithful cheetah print pillow always seems to make everything a little more autumn-y.  This year I'm  gonna check out this antelope pillow from world market. ($29.99)
Hint: there is a zipper closure so you can remove the crappy insert and put in one of your own feather ones...  
Think of it as a new take on an animal print.  Toss in a chocolate throw and your on your way to updated fall decor.
Here's some animal print inspiration.
House to Home

Dan Carithers Designs


Room to Room

Decor Pad

Elle Decor

from World Market catalog.

Put some new animal print in your back pocket.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What Wednesday: Olympic Trials Edition

Some thoughts on the trials:

It's been a while since a little So What Wednesday...been a little busy! Just shrugging my shoulders and saying..

SO WHAT if...
  • I really L-O-V-E doing the "wave" at sporting events, much to the dismay of BBH.

  • I was so preoccupied that i didn't even know that Katie left Tom.

AND I was so nervous that:

-the lady (and my new BFF) sitting next to me had to fan me with her program.

-I could hear my heart beating in my ears.

-I only kept my eyes open about 1/2 if the big races..(an improvement for me, actually)

-I should've invested in some Depends.

Thanks for your support, everyone.  (ha, not a "Depends" joke!)
Looking back, although stressful, it was a great experience. 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Camouflaged TV

We got a new T.V. for our bedroom.  We still had one of those heavy, deep, square ones! We also got rid of the country-bumpkin cabinet that it sat in.  Now it's on a long dresser and sticks out like a sore thumb.  Any ideas how to make it "blend in?"  Here's some inspiration.

The Hunted Ibterior

Style at home

Mr Goodwill Hunting

A Country Nook

Any ideas?  Food for thought from in your back pocket....  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Night Shorts

That's what we call 'em, Night Shorts.  Now, in real life they need to be three things to be appropriate.
1. Not too short
2. a little "flare-y"
3. a little more high waisted than usual everyday shorts.
Pair them with a dressy tank/blouse/ shirt and a cute pair of wedges and your good to go.
Fun for summer, now that your legs have some color.

Design Chic

Cape Cod Collegiate

All above courtesy of


Jen has these striped ones (above) in orange and I have the blue...J. Crew

Madewell  scalloped shorts...

And below are some "training shorts" from Topshop.

Rachel Roy silk pleated shorts available at Macy's.

There are lots out there.  Give them a try...
Put some night shorts in your back pocket.
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