Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mini Monster Makeover

It's been awhile since I decorated my son's nursery and I am itching to change it (no surprise:) and Kris has been buggin' me to get these sheets from Garnet Hill as a starting point for when he is ready for a
 "big boy" room...we are not big on "themes" but these creatures are so dang cute!!!
1. Sheet Set from Garnet Hill
2 & 3. Pendent Lamps from Rosenberry Rooms
4. Upholstered Storage Bench from Ballard Designs
5. Rug from Garnet Hill
6. Square Chair from Serena & Lily
7. Storage Bin from Dwell at Polka Dot Peacock
8. Alien Pillow from Lilypadworkshop on Etsy
9 & 10. Stationary from Bugaboo Announcements on Etsy
11. Alien T-shirt found on JoeyandAleetha on Etsy
Put these in your back pocket...

Monday, January 25, 2010

BFF Intervention

My BFF was here in Phoenix this weekend for some much needed R & R and it was SO good to see her...but not so good to see her "getup":)! You need to know that she is BEAUTIFUL and TINY and TAN and rocks the cutest blonde pixie haircut...but she was also rocking UGGS with SHORTS and big 'ol sweatshirt (which she apparently does often) and I knew it was time for an intervention...
"BFF, You're addiction has affected me negitively in the following ways, I will no longer be seen with you when you dress like a 16 year old surfer chick running errands between sets" LOL!
Seriously, she lives and works near the beach and has always been a surfer girl at heart, but she is also has a successful real estate company and is the supermom of three boys and she needs to dress the part and her age (We are STILL 29 in case you are wondering, wink wink)! So we went shopping and she looked SOOO CUTE in everything and she hit the motherload at Anthropologie.( Sorry BFF hubby:) I could not contain my excitement and asked her to model the goods for the blog...she was such a great sport and did so with the stipulation that I don't show her face (which as I mentioned before is BEAUTIFUL) so here is my BFF before...

And here is my BFF After...

OMG! Doesn't she look cute????? A few CUTE dresses, some go-to Tory sandals, a jean jacket, some adorable cropped skinnies,a ruffle top, and she has officially agreed to treatment...
so proud of you BFF...thanks for letting us share your story on  in your back pocket...

Intervention Update: BFF has not worn her Uggs with Shorts and big 'ol sweatshirt since January 24, 2010.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introducing Color of the Week: Green

Think about going green...literally! A hopeful color that reminds us that spring WILL arrive...
Here is a little inspiration...
1. How about using green in a bold pattern...
2. Print Shirt from Boden ($68)
3. Accent Pillows...our favorite quick change
4. A Laundry/Mud Room is a great place to try green
5. A little green ring bling from Nordstrom ($68)
6. Isn't this a cute bathroom?
7. Kate Spade Spring Tote
8. Ikat Bowl from Anthropologie ($14)
Put something green in your back pocket...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 UR Valentine

1. Kids Apron from Anthroplogie ($24 ),
2. Valentine Cards from, case you missed Christmas cards!
3. Necklace from justoffthebeadinpath on Etsy ($12)
4. Stationary from perideaudesigns on Etsy ($20 for 12),
 5. Guess How Much I Love You? ($7.99) from Gap
6. Tory Burch Watermelon flip flops ($67.90 we know! Quick!),
7. I heart... tee from Em Tanner ($34) ( How cute to sleep in?)
Order now so you'll have them in time for V Day
or put them in your back pocket...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glorious Grasscloth

For a long time now we have been LOVING grasscloth wallpaper...

...a little afraid of wallpaper...but love the texture and are thinking about starting small, maybe a powder room or an office. I was at Pottery Barn the other day and they had backed all their display shelves in it...put that in your back pocket...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We've Got Your Number

We STILL love typography and that includes numbers and they seem to be everywhere...
Photos 1,2, & 3: Anthropologie,
 4 & 5: Christopher Jagmin,
6 &7: Three Potato Four,
8 & 9: Pottery Barn.
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