Friday, September 28, 2012

Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffin mix review...almost.

They were handing out free sample boxes of Betty Crocker's new muffin mix at the grocery store.  Our family loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch so it was basically a score...
Super easy to make.  Just add 3 ingredients.

Sprinkle with the inclosed topping before you bake...

They looked pretty good...

So how were they, you ask?

 Left them in the middle of our kitchen island, all prettied-up with good ol' Press-n-Seal, and went off on some errands...

Came home to  an empty kitchen island... 

and a naughty girl...

So, no word on how good that muffin mix is ( nor how in the he*#  she got up there)...
A day in the life of the girls of in your back pocket

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ribbon Wall Trim

This is such an interesting look.  I can't decide if it looks difficult to do or an easy DIY.  Either way, adding nailhead trim is time consuming...

nuevo estilo

Elle Decor/ Carolina Hererra

Womack Interiors

Womack Interiors

Elle Decor
We do love the texture and interest it adds to these spaces. You can use basic grosgrain ribbon or something like burlap trim... 

A little Thursday inspiration from in your back pocket.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photos and "Finds"

Super excited because a professional photographer took some photos
 of my house today for my contractor who wants to use them on his website...
I made my kids stay out of the clean bathroom all day know how that goes. 

My contractor is awesome. How many people can say that? My husband had known him from college and he is everything you want a contractor to be: honest, responsive, fair, skilled, friendly, and absolutely "gets" your design aesthetic, even if it his not his own. He brings so much to the table and I feel so lucky that he worked with us.
More about him and his website coming soon!!!
Can't wait to get some "real"  pictures... since clearly my photography skills are clearly lacking:)

 On a different note, some recent "finds" we wanted to show you..
I found this craft paper table runner at Paper Source. It is 50 feet of paper and I love it!

see more place mats and runners at Cake Vintage
my kids can't wait to color it!
I also found this lamp, shade and trophies at Target in their new Threshold collection,
have you seen it?

We really needed a rug and "something soft" was requested by the kids and the dog so I bought this from Rugs USA for 75% off  and free shipping, $149 for a 6 x 9. It sheds A LOT but I am hoping that gets better with time.

So far, the kids (and dog) are loving it.

Whew...just a little bit of what's been going on at in your back pocket...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Admiring: Gold Lamps

I've been admiring interesting gold lamps.  Now, not like your grandmothers brass lamps, but modern gold lamps.  A couple of these would update my buffet or end table.  Here's some inspiration...


Anastassios Mentis

Savvy Home

House to Home

Laurie Perez/Sally Wheat

This tiny one above available at Land of Nod...

Available at Target ...

And think this clip-on would be great in daughter's room, ($49.00 at Land of Nod.)

Keep your eye out for some gold accent lamps...from in your back pocket.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Centerpieces: Keep it Simple

The easiest season to decorate your dining room table is Fall.  Keeping it simple with nature makes it warm and inviting.  Keep it simple. It looks effortless

Martha Stewart

Twenty eight-o-five

Simply Lovely


Old House, Old Garden

O.K. so this top look isn't sooo simple, but It looks so welcoming...

Put some natural and simple fall accents in your home this weekend...Have a great one from in your back pocket.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So What Wednesday...

Hi everyone...Hope you're having a great week. more importantly, i hope you're keeping up with the "So What?" attitiude...

"So What?"  if...

  • I'm gonna buy the "airbrush app" for my phone photos. Genius.

  • Jen may have been on her way to Zumba and accidentally ended up at the nail salon.

  • I was wearing high heels with my yoga pants when the sprinkler guy came to the door. (Breaking the heels in for my daughter...homecoming)

  • you know there's a slight problem when you know what song is coming next on the Homegoods "Musak" tract.

Keep those "so whats" coming...
Have a great day from in your back pocket.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dainty Neck Party

A change from your "statement" necklace...

Reasons to Breathe


Cape Cod Collegiate

Funny-I always liked how Detective Benson wore two or three at a time...

Put multiple little necklaces in your back pocket.

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