Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So What Wednesday...

So What that I've been slacking on our SWW.  Hope you're having a good week...Here's what I'm saying So What to this week...

"So What?" if... 

  • Jen's 10 yr. old daughter looked around her pediatrician's office and, while noticing the Tasmanian Devil wallpaper boarder, declared " this wallpaper is just pathetic."  Chip off the ol' block.
  • I only crossed one thing off my to do list yesterday.
  • My kid's have so many after school activities this week that I don't have to cook any dinners...  Major score.
  • My faith in humanity is always restored when an oncoming car flashes it's high beams to warn you about the police.
  • The ONLY contact I've had from my college son in the past two weeks was this text:
"What color shirt do I wear with
those red striped pants?"
  • I guess he doesn't know the difference between shorts and pants, nor does he know the word seersucker. 

What are you saying "So What " to?  Let us know here at in your back pocket.

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