Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photos and "Finds"

Super excited because a professional photographer took some photos
 of my house today for my contractor who wants to use them on his website...
I made my kids stay out of the clean bathroom all day know how that goes. 

My contractor is awesome. How many people can say that? My husband had known him from college and he is everything you want a contractor to be: honest, responsive, fair, skilled, friendly, and absolutely "gets" your design aesthetic, even if it his not his own. He brings so much to the table and I feel so lucky that he worked with us.
More about him and his website coming soon!!!
Can't wait to get some "real"  pictures... since clearly my photography skills are clearly lacking:)

 On a different note, some recent "finds" we wanted to show you..
I found this craft paper table runner at Paper Source. It is 50 feet of paper and I love it!

see more place mats and runners at Cake Vintage
my kids can't wait to color it!
I also found this lamp, shade and trophies at Target in their new Threshold collection,
have you seen it?

We really needed a rug and "something soft" was requested by the kids and the dog so I bought this from Rugs USA for 75% off  and free shipping, $149 for a 6 x 9. It sheds A LOT but I am hoping that gets better with time.

So far, the kids (and dog) are loving it.

Whew...just a little bit of what's been going on at in your back pocket...

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