Monday, November 30, 2009

Who Knew?

Who knew that Target may have the cutest slipper chairs we have ever seen! These are just a few of them, they come in so many patterns and colors and are on sale now for $245...Put this in your back pocket...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gifts For All Ages (Part 3) The Aspiring Chef...

This is a set of nested bowls that would be perfect for Chips and Dips! They are 100% Melamine, are dishwasher safe and are $32 for the set of 4. (

Such a fun way to identify all those recipes you want to try, just peel off the flag and stick to the recipe page.  They are only $5.95 and would be so handy! (

This fun and funky pan is from Broadway and is only $23.95. We think you should put some amazing Barefoot Contessa Brownie Mix Inside and a cute color spatula, wrap it with a bow and you have the cutest gift ever! Put this in your back pocket...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gifts For All Ages (Part 2)...Tweens and Teens

This is Kris's favorite...The Ticket Stub Diary ($12.95, journal to preserve and save tickets from special events (i.e. concerts, football games, dances, movies (Twilight anyone?).

This Laptop Decal is $26 from Margot Madison at Etsy and can be personalized to protect and beautify your laptop.

Wake up to these adorable alarm clocks from
Pottery Barn Teen.
Just a few holiday gift ideas to put in your back pocket...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifts For All Ages (Part 1)

For the little ones we found this adorable Tickle Monster book and tickle mitts ($ 31.95) and  that are sure become an obsession (seriously you might have to hide them:)...and these Terrible Two Slippers ($ 19.95) are another way to crack them up. These are from, an awesome site for great gifts ideas.

For the bigger kids...there is the personalized aluminum water bottle from Em Tanner ($24), these Slumber Party Mini Box of Questions ($8, this Facebox Activity Kit ($10.95, to make all sorts of funny faces, and this Beat the Buzzer shot clock ($25, garnet hill) Stay tuned for more gift ideas to put in your back pocket...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Many Happy Returns

You thought choosing your card was hard...try adding address/return labels to the mix! There are so many cute and unique ones out there and at affordable prices that make adding that little extra something hard to resist. The photo labels in the top row are from Peartree, the second row labels are from Invitation and are $35 for 120. The newest of new are these wraps...the one on top is from Tarabledesigns on Etsy and the one on the bottom is from The address goes on the front with your return address on the back!  Easy and cute and will make a great first impression. Put that in your back pocket...
P.S. Oh and don't forget to personalize your stamps (below) at easy and  cute...a great stocking stuffer too:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Tis the Season

OMG! In lieu of the long update letter, we found these adorable, unique holiday cards at Margot Madison on Etsy that highlight the years events and milestones. This means a lot less work for you ;)...

If you make it through the family picture without sweating profusely and cursing at your kids/husband there are a ton of websites to help you find the perfect card:,,,,,
Put these in your back pocket...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pillow Talk

We have found that the easiest way to change the look of a room is by simply changing your pillows (we are talking pillow covers people...heck just put the new ones over the old ones, less to store and it's a surprise every time you take them off :) We are huge believers in the your main pieces of furniture being B-A-S-I-C, that way you are always ready for an instant update. We are totally into John Robshaw, and these are a few of our favorites, however these would surely not go unnoticed on the Visa billl:) Some less expensive options can be found on Etsy (the above right picture is from Homesweet and is $35) or we found this one at Pottery Barn and both own several. Look for block prints, cheveron prints or graphic patterns as an update to the old stand by florals. Put that in your back pocket.... 

Monday, November 16, 2009

The look for less...

These are two pictures from awesome dining rooms at Bungalow, an amazing store in Scottsdale, Arizona that is full of the BEST STUFF on the planet! It is such a fun juxtaposition of home decor and furniture with styling that we can only look at and say "I love that, but how in the h-- did they pull that all together?!?" We are talking  taxidermy turtles on top of a stack of coffee table books and a million pieces of coral in a vase next to some antlers???? It just works. Well we don't get to Bungalow often enough and the economy has put a damper on our "pocket change" (love these pocket puns, LOL!) but thanks to Ikea we can attempt to imitate the lux look we love. The slipcovered dining chair above isonly$ 99 for the armchair and $ 79 for the basic parsons chair and look a lot like the Lee Industries chair at Bungalow. The covers are removable and washable and we suggest taking them to an embroidery shop and having them monogrammed. The monogram is extra step that makes an Ikea chair something unique and special. Put this in your back pocket...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Put a cork in it...(your back pocket that is:)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Corkey Creations on Etsy makes these monogrammed napkin ring holders that are 12 for $11! What a steal, and  you can choose your ribbon color and then change the ribbon to suit your occassion...SO SMART and cute and we are both buying them so rather than putting this in your back pocket, get on Etsy and buy these so you will have them in time for the holidays!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Etsy Queen discovered Jack and Izzy and their adorable printable party kit ($12.00) and lilboo and co.'s cupcake toppers ($6.95). These can be personalized and  customized and will give your party a lil somthin' somthin'. The kit requires a little work on your part but would be worth it when you can monogram your brains out (monogrammed toilet paper anyone?) Put these in your back pocket...

Monday, November 2, 2009

C is for Cute!

This is a picture of my little man, last year about this time in his personalized onesie by Em Tanner. She makes the cutest stuff and you might have seen it on Jon and Kate Plus 8 before it went rogue (but don't hold that against her!). Her items make the best gifts and we love the new Me 2 a Tee line that allows you to choose everything from hair color and freckles to fonts and hair accessories. SO FUN right? Become a fan on Facebook and lots of funny discount codes will come your way... put these in your back pocket.

Get Personal

Because we are "letter geeks" we love anything personalized or monogrammed...which leads us to Erin Condren and her colorful, modern and unique designs. The life planner is $48 and comes with customizable cover design and is filled with good stuff to keep us busy moms organized. The notecards are $38 for 20, come with matching stickers and packaged perfect for gifting. Put the names of the whole family on them and you never have to buy thank you cards again...put these in your back pocket.

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