Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bleach Tees

Feeling crafty?  Need something to do with the kids over summer vacation? How about making cute, fun, original bleach-out tees. 
A good tutorial is available at Design Mom.

You can also use the handy bleach pen. Don't you love the ol' bleach pen?

Check out this tutorial from  Janean at "How I Keep Sane."

Hint: make sure your lines are thin, as the bleach spreads in the wash and can end up like this onsie on the bottom.!!!

Super important tip!  Thanks Janean!

The possibilities are endless. Check out these...

Give it a shot...if your like me, you might need some entertaining crafts to entertain the neighborhood...
Get out some old tees and put some old fashioned bleach in your back pocket.

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