Sunday, July 15, 2012

Night Shorts

That's what we call 'em, Night Shorts.  Now, in real life they need to be three things to be appropriate.
1. Not too short
2. a little "flare-y"
3. a little more high waisted than usual everyday shorts.
Pair them with a dressy tank/blouse/ shirt and a cute pair of wedges and your good to go.
Fun for summer, now that your legs have some color.

Design Chic

Cape Cod Collegiate

All above courtesy of


Jen has these striped ones (above) in orange and I have the blue...J. Crew

Madewell  scalloped shorts...

And below are some "training shorts" from Topshop.

Rachel Roy silk pleated shorts available at Macy's.

There are lots out there.  Give them a try...
Put some night shorts in your back pocket.

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