Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lordy, Lordy...

Look who's 40!
Happy Birthday to Jen, my little sister...

and my best friend...

She is awesome because:
-she is hilarious
-she is thoughtful
-she is creative
-she loves the Bachelorette as much as I do
-she talks me "off the ledge" quite often
-she is a great aunt/daughter/wife/mom 
-she has cute shoes
-she's still mad at Tiger Woods, too.
-she loves her family
-she makes me sad that my daughter doesn't have a sister...

Happy birthday, Jen...

From the other half of in your back pocket.

1 comment:

jeannie said...

LOVE this post. Your sisterhood gives me hope that there are good sisters out there. happy day Jen. I feel like i know you better than i do. wishing you a great day. Jeannie

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