Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So What Wednesday...

Hope your having a great week...Here are just a few things I'm saying "So What?" to this week...

"SO WHAT?" if...

  • We have family night every Sunday night.  We watch Dexter and Homeland.  Yes, shows about a serial killer and terrorists.

  • I am intimidated by the people who work in the DMV.  I feel like I have to be super nice because they hold ALL the power.

  • I went to World Market just so I could use my 'friends and family' coupon.  You gotta spend money to save money.

  • I don't have to cook dinner tonight or tomorrow night.  Kids have activities.  Small victories, people.  oh, wait..Friday is pizza night...double score.

  •  I sent this to my Big Bad Husband. 

  • He was not amused.

Until next week...

Keep a "so what?" attitude in your back pocket.

1 comment:

beckie. said...

i love your blog. and hilariously enough... my husband and i watch the exact same shows for our "family time".
my husband saw that shoes sign too. he was not amused, but like the DMV people, he knows that really, his wife has all the power :)

great finds!

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