Monday, October 15, 2012

Faux Wood Tile: Yay or Nay?

I've been throwing around the idea of re-doing our Master bathroom for a while now.  ( Note:  "I've" not "we've.")   Im wondering about wood tile floors.  Jen and I have been seeing these porcelain and ceramic tiles everywhere.   In fact, she just sent me a photo of the wood tile flooring in her Starbucks. 
It comes just like this:
It comes in many colors

Here's a little inspiration...

Love the herringbone...

Michelle of 4 Men 1 Lady used it in her new dressing room/bathroom.  i think i would use a darker grout (just as she suggested ) but I like the warmth of it. 

It seems that almost all of the reviews i've read are positive-durable, lifelike, easy to install, affordable, etc.

Have you seen it? What do you think?   


Anonymous said...

YES, YES, YES!! Do it. The material is great. You will not be sorry. If you take special consideration to get a grout color that blends really well with the color of the tile, your joints will just disappear. Also go with a very small grount joint. With the installation of long linear tiles you need to make sure that you follow the 1/3 offset rule, to avoid lippage and use a premium grade thin-set like Mapei's Ultraflex 2 or Ultraflex LFT not mastic. Good Luck hope to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am also considering using the faux wood in a farmhouse - throughout most of it. The entry, kitchen, living and dining room. I am nervous though! I like the herringbone pattern but I worry it will be too much/too busy. Did you ever do it in your master??

Thanks, tw

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