Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Camera straps

Nothing new, but everybody still needs to own one...a super cute camera strap.  I was at "before" pictures for my daughter's homecoming dance and all of these moms had big ol' cameras with those ugly black straps. There is no need to be victim of an ugly strap. Cute straps  are overflowing on Etsy, and make great gifts.  They range from about $14 for a strap "cover" to about $40.  

above from Cotton Candy on etsy.

above from iMo.

above from Here 

How do you choose?  
Put a new camera strap in your back pocket.


Amber Martel said...

Yep thats what I need!
I just got a DSLR and this weekend I was thinking how lame the srtap was!

charmaine said...

Oooh. I need one! And a nice camera bag as well!

jeannie said...

hmmm wonder what dh will say if i replace strap?? or will he even notice!

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