Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jen's Been A-stencil-len'

Where's my sister, you ask? Being held captive by a new project-- Stenciling her kid's bathroom. We have a ton of inspirational pics of cute wallpapered bathrooms.  Of course we always say "hey I could do that"  when we see all of these talented bloggers transform their space with a little paint and pattern.
The good news is that it's almost finished.  It looks great, from what I can see on "facetime" but i'm sure she would tell you that it is a quite time consuming.  
Here's a few inspiration pics...although these are all wallpapered.

Cottage and Cabin

This Old House

Alla Akimova

Tresham Design

Trad Home

Southern Eclectic

and here are a few stenciled inspirational photos...

Curry Kay Designs

A Pumpkin and a Princess

We'll let you see the finished's almost done...
just keep stenciling, just keep stenciling....

Put a little DIY in your back pocket. 

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1 comment:

charmaine said...

Love all your inspirational pics. Can't wait to see what pattern you chose!

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