Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So What Wednesday

Hi everyone! Hope all is going well and that you're keeping the "so what?" attitude.

SO WHAT  if...

  • So what if we were nastily threatened to be sued if we didn't take the photo of Trix Krispies off of our blog. Some garb about "intellectual property."  Even though we gave proper credit the person WITH a link back to her blog so people would see where it came from.  She was going to "report" us... (to who? the blog police?") if we didn't remove it "within 24 hours."   Really? It's Trix cereal and marshmallows, people...
  • we removed it.  
  • Everyone is always so excited about Summer. I'm always a little panicked about it.  A lot of kids, food, wet towels, rides, money given out, etc. 
  • I haven't worn shoes in 4 days as my blisters from dancing all night at the wedding are still healing.

  • My college son went to stay with Jen for the weekend.  He brought about 2 months worth of laundry for her to graciously clean.  I got a text from her saying "He only brought one bath towel.  Is that alarming?"                

again, college rocks!!!!

Have a great Wednesday from in your back pocket.


Kaden Epstein said...

Dying to know who the LAME-O is that thinks her recipe is more that cereal and marshmallows...just so I never hit up her blog again!

jeannie said...

so what if my college son just spent $25 for a "Leather" (pleather) lazyboy chair at st. vinneys that smells like smoke... and is so "stoked" about it he cant stand it. (does lazy boy have a blog... i might get "reported")

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