Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Runner" Hoarder

I can admit it. I have a problem (well, one of many) with carpet runners.  Whenever I bring a new gem home I get this look from my Big Bad Husband that says  "oh HELL no." 
Below are a few that are currently in the my runner graveyard. Saved from going 6 feet under simply to show evidence of the obsession....
I must admit, this problem is the reason I do'nt buy expensive runners.  They get stained, covered in dog hair and the "damn corners" roll up which drives BBH insane. 

By the way Homegoods has quite a selection these days...
Here's a little justification...
Kikis List

Jeneration Interiors


Cottage and Vine

Design Scale

See, they can add a little punch of graphic or colorful detail.  Although I currently have a plain ol' jute one in my kitchen right now...just for a change.
I know we've posted about this before, but stay on the lookout for a great new runner...from in your back pocket.

1 comment:

Renae said...

You're so lucky! I am in desperate need of one for in front of my sink in the kitchen and can't find anything that I like!! And we don't have a homegoods anywhere near me so i'm

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