Thursday, March 8, 2012

striped curtains

Still a fan of striped curtains.  I don't have many sets of curtains in my house, but i've been looking for some for my bedroom.  Here's a little inspiration of the graphic impact of bold stripes...

Amanda Carol

Trad Home
Living Livlier




the suburban urbanist
I'm pretty sure that the ones above are the West Elm shower curtain...not long enough for taller windows.

The ones above are from the blog, Reckless Glamour.  She painted them!  Seems like too much work and I imagine they're a little crunchy! They look pretty good, though. 
I'm loving the ones above from Crate and Barrel.  They're relatively affordable and well made.  The only problem is that the color here is a bit off-- It's much more "off-white" than this photo. 
I'll keep my eyes open.... 
Put some striped curtains in your back pocket

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