Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion Trucks

Maybe Jen and I have found a new "calling."  You know about the food truck craze, right?  Well we're dying to have a "fashion truck."  Not totally new to cities like L.A. but new to ours!!  These "mobile boutiques" are popping up in many cities and look like a ball.  I guess it's really like bringing the store to the customer.  Tthey are recognized as being a fun, different and more personal shopping experience than traditional shopping venues. 
It is actually easy to find out where these trucks are on any certain day,with the use of social media, i.e. quick twitter announcements and Facebook statuses.  They were primarily used for in-home "parties" but have evolved into practically an everyday business_ great for lunch dates, parties, adventures, etc.

Le Fashion Truck is a popular, sought after destination in Los Angeles. 

looks like fun...

Cynthia Rowley began with a part-time truck of "samples" and has since been a full service destination for shoppers.

It's also popular in the vintage one-of-a kind clothing business... 

So do you think we could find a truck on Craig's List?

Put a fashion Truck in your back pocket.

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