Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So What Wednesday

Hi everyone! time for another edition of "So What? Wednesday."  Hope you can relate.  Here's what i'm saying So what? to.


  • When I told my Big Bad Husband about our Fashion Truck idea he replied "hmmmm, how pinteresting."  I love it when he joins in...
  • I'm not sure which team i'm on..... 

  • My friend (and reader) Sally and I bought maternity tanks at Target.  Long and forgiving.  Yep.

  • It's the middle of March and I already had to get the ant spray out.

  • My college son asked me to fly out and help decorate his new "really nice'' house he'll be renting with 3 other swimmers  next year.  He sent me photos.  Can you say "glorified crack-house?"

That's all I seem to have for you today.  Keep up the good attitude and just say "so what?"

From your friends at in your back pocket.

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