Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Target Tip

 I ran in to this little cutie at Target the other day.  Picked it right up off the shelf, out into the isle, and did my usual "hmmm, this looks like my house...Where could it go?  Perhaps two together?"  etc.
Threshold, $59.99. In the end I didn't buy I am a woman of willpower. 
This cutie is on sale online for a mere $29.98.  Heck for that price your can recover it when you get sick of it...

Thes two Ikat storage ottoman thingies are on sale for $34.95!

 ...and I'm really digging this modern metal x-stool.  It's currently on sale for $41.98.  A great update.


Cottage and vine

Echo furniture

Lots of uses for a new stool.  A Target tip from the girls of in your back pocket.

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