Monday, March 4, 2013

Double Dining Room Fixtures

What's better, one or two?  Just a little inspiration while i'm looking to update my 1998 dining room light fixture.

Kelly Deck

Design Files

Kaufman Interiors

CKM Interiors

LLH Designs

Southern Comforts.

One small problem...also double the $$$.
Have a great Monday from the girls of in your back pocket.

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Allison Shallenberger said...

Of all the pictures you posted, the last one is my favorite. I love everything about it from the lighting fixture to the set-up of the kitchen table itself; it's neat and well-organized. I'm just wondering if the light fixture can still look good in an outdoor dining space. Anyway, you have lovely options, and I hope you already picked one. – Allison Shallenberger @

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