Monday, March 18, 2013

A Classic: Canvas Boat Totes

This is the time of year when you see lots of inspiration containing our favorite, classic Canvas Tote. So many uses, so durable, and so classic.
 Below is a little slice of heaven

 Use for everyday storage...


Snippet and Ink
swag bags...

Here's a cute idea from, buy/sew patches from places you've visited.  (inexpensive souvenier!)

or sneak it in to your decor...

Here is a good "How to Buy" from Muffy at The Dailey Prep
(just click on link above)

Always inexpensive and fun to personalize.  We usually go for the original from LL Bean, but Land's End is a great source, too.  In fact Lands End has now has a canvas boat "cooler," that makes you want to go have a beer on the dock!
Put some thoughts of being near the water in your back pocket.

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