Thursday, November 1, 2012

Imaginary House: A Place of Her Own

While we're on an imaginary house kick, I think i'll carve out a little space just for the mom.  No boys, kids, or BBHs allowed.  Not too big, just enough to be a place of her own.  Now, I know if my Big Bad Husband is reading this, he'll wonder where HIS space would be since we've taken over our entire current home....
Dream on, faithful readers.

Rycroft Builders

Domenic Mercadante


O.k., so the image below isn't a "little" space, but I like the photo.  It's not really an office...just a super 
cool 'pass-through.'
Karen Krug Designs
We would like bigger than a kitchen planning desk or closet, but we don't need a traditional "room."
Keeping it on the "imaginary house" list...
Put a little nook in your back pocket.

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