Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cake Batter Chocolate Bark

O.K., I like the LOOK of bark more than I like to eat it, but this one is so cute, fun, festive and different.  It has a secret ingredient...a spoonful of cake mix.  Check out the recipe from Jessica,
here at How Sweet It Is.

Photo via How Sweet It Is

We attempted our own last weekend.
The special ingredient in this is a tablespoon of cake batter, whisked in the melted white chocolate.

Please notice daughter's snazzy nail polish...

We refrigerated melted dark chocolate for 20 min.  Next we added the white choc/cake batter combo on top.  Spread and sprinkle...place in fridge for about 30 min before taking it out and breaking it up.

and somebody was lurking nearby,  as usual...

We think we could've used a lliiittttllle more cake batter, actually, but we've enjoyed it just the same.
A treat to put in your back pocket.

1 comment:

jeannie said...

i want the pillow and the dog instead of the cake batter treat! :):)

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