Friday, November 30, 2012


A few years ago I bought this advent calendar from Pottery Barn Kids
I was ambitious back then, before I had my youngest, and I bought my 2 girls little treats for each pocket, (Yes, that is 50 presents that I WRAPPED)...then I had my son...and I can't get 75 presents...that would be Freakin' Craziness!
So instead this year I bought a couple gifts but did mostly family activities (i.e. go look at Christmas lights, get doughnuts before school, watch a Christmas movie, stay up late, have a family game night) and printed them on Christmas paper and put them in coin envelopes, some of them say "present"...much easier:)
here are some great calendars that you can make at home today 
(and don't have to wrap and try and fit in mini felt pockets)

Print Your Party

Eighteen 25
Budgetwise Home

Martha Stewart

land of nod
paper nook on etsy


Country Living

Pottery Barn
Have a great weekend and gear up for December (Yikes!)
 from the girls of in your back pocket...


Lindsay said...

Love all of these! Thanks for the round up! Love the blog!

jeannie said...

love love love jen, but i think i will stick to my $1.99 advent calendars from grocery, my kids say its the best chocolate they have ever had. haha

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