Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wrapping Wine

I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of wine bags.  Most of them are tacky and look like they have been re-gifted a time or two.  I usually just add some greenery and a homemade tag, but here are some interesting options for your hostess.

My tradtional wine decor...

Wine wraps are cute and removeable!
Here's some free downloads..Many more on line.

A men's shirt sleeve makes a cute bag!  

even easier...the cuff as a wrap!  Definitely gonna try this one. 

Grey Likes Weddingd
a repurposed sweater sleeve.

Tea towels...fold/wrap/and tie!

Sarahs Fab Day
My obsession with burlap continues.  Just cut the width/height you want and glue to make a sleeve. (Just enough to cover the label,) I especially love the texture of the velvet ribbon.

Design Daddy
Here's an original idea..a wine bottle vase.  Just measure Kraft paper to the size you want, wrap it and fill top with greens.  tie bow around body of bottle so as not to crinkle paper!

Some wine-wrapping ideas to stick in your back pocket.

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A room with a view said...

Terrific ideas all of them! Thank you for sharing these..I love something different. Will be pinning these if I can get onto pinterest.

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