Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Time for another addition of So What Wednesdays... Or , as I'm calling it today "SWW"- snazzy.

  • I almost knocked my own teeth out trying to pull-on my extra-narrow "pull on" boots.  My hand slipped off as I was sitting on my bed and I punched myself in the face.  
  • you should see my husband trying to pull them OFF. 
  • I'm already listening to Christmas music.
  • I've GOT to think of open ended questions to text my son..."Are you wearing your retainer?" and "Did you carve a pumpkin" aren't working.
  • My husband accidentally mentioned that one of the mouse traps is missing and all I can picture is this creepy little mouse dragging around a trap from his creepy little hind legs...

What are you saying "So What" to?  It's all in the attitude...

Another SWW from us here at in your back pocket

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