Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So What Wednesday...

Hi everyone...It's a lazy fall morning and a good day to say "so what?" to a few things... 

SO WHAT if...

-My sister and I are pretty sure we were comedians in a previous life. 

- I gave a serious fist pump this morning when I found that $20 bill in my inside coat pocket.

-I only washed my kids' pillow cases cuz I was too lazy to change the whole set.

-my toenail polish is basically just  "growing off.'" 

-My husband has a mini panic-attack when someone in our household has the stomach flu.  ( We basically  quarantined our daughter for 24 hours on Monday-thank goodness for cell phones....)

-I literally ripped the pocket off of my favorite sweater because i got it caught on the dooeknob/handle as i hurried by... (also got a mild case of whiplash.)

Again... a few visuals

What are saying "so what?" to this week?

Have a good wednesday from in your back pocket.

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