Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"So What?" Wednesday, Volume 3

Hope you're all having a good week.  We absolutely loved all of the hysterical responses to our So What? days.  We knew you could relate...  Here's what's on my mind this week...


  • I gave my husband parfait glasses for his birthday:  A) because for some strange reason he is fascinated with making them for the kids and B) I get the giggles every time he says "parfait."

  •    I  ignored the fact that i reached between the couch cushions to find the remote and felt nothing but crumbs.    

  •   It was "totally" my fault that my teenage daughter's braid was "bumpy." 

  •    My teenage daughter is becoming a teenage daughter.

  •  Every time I walked by the fresh batch of brownies i took a little bite so as not to have a whole piece-  Soon enough the entire row was gone.

  •   I have to mentally say "wed-nes-day" when I write this post.   

Of course, i can't forget the visuals... 

Have a great day from us here at in your back pocket


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