Friday, October 7, 2011

Daughter's room inspration

Here's the 13 yr old daughter is NOT neat.  She tries clothes on just to leave them on the floor where she took them off.  She keeps everything.  Can anyone explain why we have bottles of food-colored water on our bookshelf?  She's obsessed with photos of her friends and hasn't met a hideous carnival prize she didn't like.  Such a textbook teenager.
Her walls are already light blue, so I based some inspiration on that.  One thing about decorating is that you MUST be REALISTIC.  Here's what I've been thinking:

We've traded in out crazy fushia Target bedding for a crisp white bedspread.
Now, because we have blue nail polish spilled on the carpet, I think I need a rug like this stripe from Dash and Albert.
Thinking of painting her old white dresser pink...

Hanging something like these from etsy or some lanterns,

Repurposing an old desk chair to look something like this...

adding a little oomph and seating

and she already has this adorable print in an 8x10 in an IKEA white frame.

How in the world do you incorporate these gems...

That, my friends, is reality.
Hope you enjoyed my thoughts.  Tell us what you think at in your back pocket.

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