Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Pick-Me-Up

Too many April showers here in the midwest, so I found myself a few little pick-me-ups.    Everything from Parcel and Paper on Etsy is so adorable.  It's just kind of gift wrapping goods you love to use-as you all know we LOVE that kind of stuff!

Large spools available at Pretty Tape on Etsy.

idea via
How great is this twine keeper idea?  A sugar dispenser for easy use! 
  Put some plain old "cute stuff" in your back pocket.

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rubyroof said...

SO cute!! Love these gift wrapping and parcel post ideas. I was not familiar with Etsy. What a fun discovery for me to explore...I can see that Etsy's website will help me with procrastinating other tasks I should be doing :) And I love the sugar dispenser for the twine! So adorable. You find such wonderful and creative ideas, I love your blog!! Happy Thursday!

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