Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hangin' with my Peeps and Crafting Carrots

Now I don't particularly love Peeps, but every Easter there was a package in our Easter basket, (along with a chocolate bunny or egg from See's candy.)  I'm pretty sure they'd go stale every year but they were tradition.  I must say, peeps have come a long way.
Here are a few ways to have fun with peeps...
from The Painted Primrose

bunting from dana-made-it
petit debutant
Did you know they have personalized peeps?
Now on to carrots...check out this fun, easy Easter craft we found here
This is all you need...I made them while watching Extreme Couponing:)
(I love to watch things that make me feel good about myself,
Hoarders, Intervention, etc. remind me that I am doing A O.K.:)
 I think the kids will love them!
Put some Easter Peeps and carrot cutlery in your back pocket...


lifeanalytical.com said...

I love the peeps as vase filler idea.

Colleen said...

I have been looking for an Easter dessert. Where did you find that pictures? Hoda and Kathy Lee had peeps in a martini the other day-I love them! :-)

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