Friday, April 15, 2011

Paint Chip Garlands

I was shopping at an adorable children's shop I was stopped in my tracks by the cutest garland.  Upon close inspection, and a crappy picture from my phone, I realized it was made out of paint chips.  Who doesn't hoard love paint chips? I did some quick research and look what I found.

grace and light studio
A couple days ago we saw this on  So fun!
or our favorite, bunting flags!

Put those "free" extra paint chips to use.  Just another little DIY from in your back pocket.

P.S. You can even put the original (after the heart is punched out) card to use by making cute bookmarks! 


Kim said...

Love the bookmarks!

design elements said...

the bookmarks are my fav too...HAppy Sunday!

Jen@Organized-Design said...

I haven't seen the bookmarks yet, they are darling. I just love the easter egg one!

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