Saturday, October 16, 2010

Play: To Make A Big Mess With Toys

Toys can take over your house! They are not pretty or stylish but they are necessary and we keep it real around here... for instance when my friend posted of Facebook that she figured out what the smell was in the playroom...a hot dog in the pretend cash register...I knew exactly where she was coming from. When we read blogs where moms are trying to decide where to stylishly store their one child's toys we kinda giggle (get some baskets people!) Have a couple more kids and you are truly at the mercy of all their "stuff".
Thankfully 6th Street Design School is doing a week of good design with kids in mind next week and it is going to be awesome. I shared my playroom with Kirsten as she was asking for photos of playroom and toy storage...
I turned what used to be my living room into a playroom and built the wall to fit my
Pottery Barn Kids Madison Wall Unit
I bought the Ektorp loveseat from Ikea and it has a white slipcover which gets filthy but I wash it, bleach it, or replace it (they are on sale sometimes for $11!)
It is hard to see in pictures, but on the wall is the definition of Play: to make a big mess with toys.
This is where the magic happens, all the art supplies, crafts and even the hair supplies are here because it is much easier to do hair while watching a little TV:)
This room makes me happy and my kids like it too...I am going to have to add some more masculine touches here in the future, but for now my little guy doesn't mind.

Here are some inspirations from Pottery Barn Teen for the room in the future, when it will need to be geared more towards hanging out and studying...
Oh I almost forgot my favorite part of the playroom...
I can shut the the doors:)
Head over to 6th Street Design School next week!
Oh if only we could hide all those toys in your back pocket...

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Sarah said...

Just found you through Fly Through Our Window and am really enjoying your blog! Your playroom is great!

I love that you are sisters, who live apart, but talk everyday. That's exactly the way I am with my sister!

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