Friday, October 22, 2010

Etsy Find: Inspirational Art

We've been lovin' the inspirational art prints on Etsy. They mix modern typography with sweet sentiments and genuinely make you smile. Finding affordable art is no easy task and there are hundreds of prints to choose from on Etsy. Many of them are even customizable so you can choose your own colors and sizes.
Here are some favorites...
 These are from FotoFoto  and I ordered this one a few weeks ago.
It was $15, came in 1 day and I love it. I ran out to Target and bought a $16 frame and walla!
The 10 and the 7 are for me and my husband, his birthday is 10/7 and mine is 7/10.
(I know, I know kinda corny but a cool coincidence none the less)
They are photos you can also find on Etsy from Java Jane.
What a great baby gift!
The Color Bee (she's local!)
and we leave you with this
put some inspirational Etsy art in your back pocket...

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Amy R. said...

I love etsy, so many great finds! Have a great weekend!

Amy R.

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