Monday, February 1, 2010

Imitation Inspiration

This is an "inspiration" room that I just love.. it was featured in House Beautiful a few years back and has the Les Indiennes duvet that I had on my Christmas List and that I can in no way afford and I just LOVE it. Classic and fresh, comfy, cool and warm all at the same time. Texture in the headboard, serene blue and don't even get me started on the walls and beams... YUM! Then last Friday when I was blessed with a babysitter and a few minutes before pick up, I was cruising through TJ Maxx, (not as good as a trip to Homegoods with a Starbucks, but close) and saw this quilt that looks so similar to the duvet that I had to snatch it up (along with 1 sham because that is all they had...had to go to another TJ Maxx today to track down a second) and went home to try and make it work...
Here is the TJ Maxx quilt ($49)
and here is the Les Indiennes quilt ($572)
and some Les Indiennes inspiration
and here is my room...
Okay, I don't have the architecture of the inspiration room or that awesome bed, BUT I like the mix of blue and brown and the quilt is a really good I am thinking I can splurge on some Les Indiennes decorative pillows like these(in chocolate of course)to really complete the look...
 Put a therapeutic trip to TJ Maxx in your back pocket...(LOL!)

1 comment:

jeannie said...

Jennnnn i have that comforter at my lousy little tjmaxx... should i buy if for my guest room??? i need to send you guys pics of that room... Snorville
love what you did with it.
Where are the pillows from... love the polka dot one... of course.

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