Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So What Wednesday...

So What if I've been a little bit of a slacker with our weekly updates....Back to It!  What are you saying "So What? " to?

"SO WHAT?" if...

  • Yesterday I rode the elevator to the 2nd floor instead of taking the stairs. (I'm sure my fellow passengers were staring at me disapprovingly.)

  • Our refrigerator is broken and we're so lazy that our family rock-paper-scissors to see who has to run down to basement to get the milk. 

  • I use the excuse that the "Florida climate" just makes my hair curly (o.k...big & frizzy) so I don't have to do anything with it while on vacation.

    • I might be a little obsessed with "Draw Something."

    • My husband told me that you could hear me driving up the street from our family room...Listen, It's not often you hear a little Bust-A-Move.

    • I hate paying shipping. Sometimes it's a deal breaker just because...

    Hope you are having a great week and keep saying So What?!
    We love our readers here at in your back pocket. 

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