Monday, February 27, 2012

Tamra's Kitchen!

A friend of ours, (and faithful follower,)  Tamra, along with her husband and fellow designer Brett,  recently underwent a kitchen overhaul. I flipped out when I saw the finished product (partly from envy!)  It is amazing--classy, timeless comfortable, current, warm, hip, etc.  Here is a few photos of her journey.

Finished kitchen!

Now, her kitchen was cute before but really a bit too small for a family of 6.  They have four wonderful boys ages 19 through 6.


Tamra and baby Justin!

They blew out the back wall of their home...

The island is completely turned.  Good thinking. 

We absolutely are dying over the cabinet to the counter (right),  and love all of the drawers instead of traditional cabinets.   Loving the wall of cabinetry around the refrigerator, too.  Now, these photos don't do it justice-I need a new camera, but it is spectacular!
Thanks Tamra and Brett for letting us share this amazing new space.

Some kitchen envy from in your back pocket.

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Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Well planned and gorgeous kitchen. Love the different color on the island counter and wonderful natural light.

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