Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So What Wednesday!!!

So I've been kind of a slacker the last few weeks.  Truth is, i haven't been really in the mood for any So What Wednesdays.  You gotta have the's a "no stress" way of thinking.  I'm feeling back to my old self again so here's what I'm saying "SO WHAT?"  to this week...

SO WHAT? if..

  • Jen's girls accidentally bought a $99 App off of the family iPad.

  • I had the best flight EVER as I flew to San Francisco.  I happily watched 3 entire episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker and 1 3/4 episodes of Kim and Courtney Take New York.  Virgin America Airlines rocks! Who Knew?

  • I actually got a little choked up when I saw a young mom wearing a macaroni necklace at the grocery store.  I hope I wore mine proudly back in the day. (peri-menopause?)

  • Sometimes I use my daughters full-length mirror.  It's definitely a skinny mirror.

  • I got irrationally upset when I realized my DVR didn't tape the entire episode of the bachelor. (refer to macaroni necklace So What...)

We love hearing your "So Whats?"
Have a great Wednesday and keep the attitude!
...from in your back pocket.

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