Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine Pretzels

Pinterest/Love from the Oven

Over at the adorable cooking blog Love from the Oven, Christi had a great tutorial on how to make a  cute Valentine's treat.  You know how we love to dip things in chocolate at our house!
Here we go!

You'll need LARGE sourdough Pretzels, white chocolate chips or "candy melts"-available at Walmart or craft store and all kinds of sprinkles!

First, melt the chips at 50% power in 30 second intervals until melted.

Dip pretzels. 

It's easier to pour bigger sprinkles on top, rather than lay the pretzel on sprinkles.

"Dip" in fine sprinkles or sugars.

Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper until the choc. hardens.

Ta-da!  So cute.
Don't forget to wrap them in cellophane bags with that cute Valentine's ribbon!
An easy Valentine's treat from in your back pocket.


rubyroof said...

SO cute, love it!!

rubyroof said...
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Anonymous said...

I made these goodies today. I found the frosting too runny when it first came out of the microwave. It probably needed to cool a little bit so it was more firm before trying to decorate with the sprinkles.

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