Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Your Bar Stools Are In!"

Remember this post about the JC Penney $50 bar stools...
Well, they called the other day to tell me to they were ready to be picked up and I had totally forgotten I ordered them!  Is that a problem?
Well I picked them up and was pleasantly surprised when I put them together...
They are sturdy, adjustable and my kids can sit on them without falling off...They do spin (they are adjustable) but not so loosely that the kids can spin around and around.
they look alike like these from Restoration Hardware which are $345
love them in this picture
Restoration Hardware
These vintage drafting stools aren't bad either...
Country Living
House Beautiful
thanks JC Penney!
Put some drafting stools in your back pocket...


Colleen said...

How high off the ground is your counter?? Wanted to order some, but wanted to measure my counter first! :-)

saddle bar stools said...

These look great! I love the designs!

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