Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fingerprint Jewelry

Love the idea of fingerprint jewelry.  Have you seen it?  So cute for a mom, bride-to-be, etc.
When you order, you are sent a "mold kit" that is easy to use and you send back in a pre-paid envelope.  it's imprinted in silver and your keepsake is made! 

There are different versions available, multiple charm necklaces, monogrammed charms, etc.  There's even a mold for an imprint of your dog's nose!
Available through these two great Etsy sights:

So cute!  Put a little one-of-a-kind charm in your back pocket.  



Limited Edition Prints said...

Okay, love those. I know what I'm getting my wife for her birthday now. Thank you!

Casperdarin said...

Great post. There are many creative artists handmade jewelry, real butterfly wings, surrounded by a transparent plastic to maintain over the years from beautiful naturally expired butterfly alive.

fingerprint jewellery

Arnolddonald said...

Here give a good post.This post showing a nice silver pendant. Mostly people like to wearing a Name Pendant. recently I have a nice golden pendant with my short name. I like to wearing them for getting a desire looks.

fingerprint jewellery

Button And Bean said...

One thing I like doing during my free time is making these!

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