Sunday, July 24, 2011


In a couple of weeks my oldest son will be heading off to college. With that comes a dorm room.  Now, anybody who knows me would know that a blank canvas like that is a dream come true.  However, with a 17 yr old boy...not so much.
Me:  "Hey honey what color theme do you want your room done in"  (the word "Theme", big mistake)

Him:  No response, just look of bewilderment , with hint of disgust.

Me:  trying a different, simpler approach, "I mean what color comforter do you want?"

Him:  Without looking up from Sports Center, "I don't care...Blue.?"

And that, my friends, is how our dorm room planning-decorating-bonding time has gone.

This is his dorm room, and It is newly it's even a "clean " blank slate.

How in the world is he gonna fit his stuff in this little closet?  Hmmmm, maybe a cute curtain for doors? (note to self:  Do NOT use the word "cute.")
I do like the storage space under the beds...I'll keep you posted. 
A little lesson in teenage boys to keep in your back pocket. 

1 comment:

jeannie said...

Have u learned nothing over the years...
color theme..
never use these terms when speaking to men.. and especially teenage sons.
Frankly, the mistake you made was trying to discuss anything with him that doesnt have to do with food. haha

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