Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A chunky pair

Something's "off" in my dining room.  Well, ok, here's lots of things I would like to change but there's one thing I'm into now...changing my wussy "buffet lamp" to a couple of interesting , chunky lamps.

images by Fric and Frac,  Unexpected Elegance, amber interiors, decorpad, Elle Decor, Simply Seleta, Bungalow

Homegoods has had a ton af great lamps lately...just need to find the right ones.....
Put a new pair of lamps in your back pocket.


Jen@Organized-Design said...

Love all the pictures you chose. I especially like the yellow lamps the first set and second. I agree Homegoods has some great lamps right now. So many fun colors, good luck with your search!

Debra said...

Totally love the first "pineapple" pair! I also agree that I'm lovin the chunky lamps. I bought a beautiful chunky lamp at vignettes but it is so nice that it is making my other lamps look wimpy! Have to go checkout Home Goods! Thanks for the tip!

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