Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work Space: The Desk

Some of you were excited about the desk in Kris' sunroom so we thought we would give you some budget friendly options to get your workspace spruced up in your own home..
a classic sawhorse leg desk...
Jen has this one from (where else:) Ikea and it was $39.99,
(there are many leg and desktop styles, colors and materials to choose from)
also love the functionality of the Ikea Expedit bookcase with desk

or a simple parsons desk
this one is from home decorators and is on sale for $149

or this one from Overstock

or the X leg desk, these are from  and are both less than $200

and these desks are what Kris found at Walmart  they cost $49 (and have site to store:),
  perfect for a small space and a laptop
( although it isn't high gloss, we are working on that, maybe a little spray lacquer?)
stay tuned for chairs for your new workspace!
put a budget friendly desk in your back pocket...


Jen@Organized-Design said...

What great desks. I can't believe that one is from Walmart. Also love the sunroom makeover! Hope you guys are having a great week!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

This is an on time post. I am currently in the market for a desk and this post has certainly given me a few more options consider.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

rebecca said...

Where is the white X-leg desk from?

rebecca said...


Anonymous said...

Where is the first white x-leg desk from?

Sarah said...

Hi there!
Where is the first white x-leg desk from?

Patti said...

Can you please tell me where the 2nd X white leg desk is from?

Alisha Copeland said...

Has anyone heard where the two x frame desk are from for under $200?

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