Monday, March 15, 2010

No Cuts, No Color, No Problem

We were both cursed with crazy-thick, mega-curly, super-unruly, 40 minute-arm-cramping, must-blow dry- if-you-want-it-to-look-good hair.
(see below)
Then our friend  Megan at beachbungalow8 wrote this post that is our idea of absolute bliss...DRY BAR

No cutting, no color, just professional blowouts! They do parties, happy hours, and will even come to your house (for a price). A blow dry is $35 and there are extras like scalp massage and offer monthly memberships (Kris would be all over that!) With names like "straight up" and "cosmopolitan" this whole concept is "Shear Genius" ha ha! The only's in LA...and we're not! Come to our town PLEASE!
Check it out and put it in your back pocket...


Seagrass Interiors said...

So glad you stopped by - and so glad to have found your blog! I absolutely LOVE that you are sisters and share a blog! I have a sister that lives on the complete other side of the country - I love her but we have WAY different taste! : ) Love you blog and can't wait to read more!


jeannie said...

ok, lost my last comment, dont know what i did....
but just wondering if they give discounts for folically challenged individuals??(yes i made that word up:)

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