Monday, March 29, 2010

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly

Okay so when my book club read The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan last year I was so excited because weeks before I had received an amazing Youtube video of her reading Transcending in my in box and I was hooked. Then I heard her reading what I call the "Guess Jeans" chapter and I was doubled over with laughter to the point my husband had to come in the office to see what was so funny. Needless to say, he didn't get it, but I knew my sister would, she always does, and I immediately made sure she got the book. She loved it too...and our love of Kelly Corrigan was solidified.
 Kelly has a way of pointing out the relatable and letting us know we are not alone in this crazy world where we wear so many  "hats", we are mothers, daughters, spouses, sisters, friends, and so much more and sometimes we don't quite know which order to put those "hats" in until a crisis forces us to figure it out. She can make you laugh and cry and feel understood and accepted and you will most surely want to be her BFF. So when she came to Phoenix last Thursday to talk about her new book Lift, I made sure I was there (along with 1000 other women!) and brought my mom and sister-in-law (my sister is couldn't make it on Thursday, but she is coming TODAY! Yipppeee! Oh, and she was there in text:) Kelly was awesome, hysterically funny, real, witty, touching and smart. It was clear that everyone in the room was also wishing to be her BFF and she was gracious enough to sign our books with a stuffy nose and a Guinness on the signing table...classic. If you haven't already, put Kelly Corrigan in your back pocket...


Carie said...

Definitely going to pick this one up. She is a great author, I would love to see her in person.

jeannie said...

ahhh man.... can she be my bff too???????

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