Thursday, May 2, 2013

Above the Fridge.

The hits just keep coming...our refrigerator died.  Some "pump" problem.  The dilemma is that it was about $2500 more to replace our old style fridge (with the built in one-with top grate thing-y) than buying a basic fridge. Needless to say, bye-bye old style.

Now we're left with an unfinished hole.  (see below)  You should have seen me standing on my island to take this picture.  My dog thinks i'm nuts.

 Question is...What should we do now??

Below is a little above-fridge inspiation...

kitchen Architecture

House to Home

Southern Style

What do you guys think????

Need some feedback at in your back pocket.


Ann said...

..because of the moulding around fridge, I would just add a shelf right over the top of the frig...think nice cookbooks or baskets!

jeannie said...

when it rains it pours.... i feel your pain, cant help you with your problem, YOU are who i go to when i have those issues :) but i feel for you. writing from a house with a leak in basement, and a front gate that wont shut.

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